What is STEM Accord?

Our Programme



STEMAccord provides locally coordinated STEM programmes to primary and secondary schools in order to encourage more school pupils to long term careers in STEM-related sectors that will offer positive career prospects within their own regions, in line with the regional economic strategy.

Our aim is to encourage pupils and their parents to connect with exciting career opportunities in STEM, engaging innovative local companies and other regional organisations to foster a virtual cycle of engagement which will in turn create long term opportunities for growth and development.

STEM Accord partners have committed to pooling their very considerable networks of contacts and resources to facilitate this, focussing initially on a small number of key programmes.


STEM Accord rests on the principle of partnerships. Instead of creating a new STEM Organisation; STEM Accord aims to coordinate existing well-established STEM and educational organisations to provide a strong foundation for the next generations of British engineers.

We believe that a coordinated approach is critical to inspiring future engineers and address the £1.5bn skills shortage in the UK STEM sector.

We work closely with Engineering UK’s national programme, and exist to coordinate the work of our partners to deliver tailored STEM intervention in primary and secondary schools taking part in our regional pilot programme.


Pilot Schemes

STEMAccord is driven by our pilot projects

Phase 1

Bristol Pilot

Bristol was STEMAccord’s first project and was instrumental in forging coordination between partners, local schools and colleges and local companies

The project allowed STEMAccord to develop the framework for collaboration and engaged with sixteen schools across Bristol reaching hundreds of students.

The pilot provided valuable information to understand the difficulties faced by schools andorganisations delivering STEM initiatives and how a coordinated initiative that bringsvarious STEM initiatives together works well.

Although COVID-19 interrupted, the Toolkit from Bristol will now be used to support the expansion of STEM Accord through other regional projects and activity in Bristol will restart in earnest now that schools have returned.

Phase 2

The Midlands

Based on the early success of the Bristol pilot, Midlands presents an exciting and ambitious expansion of the STEM Accord programme.

This second phase of the programme is focusing on the heartlands of the Midlands Engine, a central plank of the government’s strategy for post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

This second phase is aiming to connect with nearly 170 schools across the Midlands; including schools in Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry, Nuneaton, Solihull, Longbridge, Warwickshire and Birmingham.

Working alongside Coventry and Warwickshire LEP, the scheme will look to build on the STEM strengths already present in the region focusing on Battery Technology, Energy and Future Mobility.