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Why It Matters

We believe that supporting young people at formative stages of their careers is critical to address the UK’s STEM skills gap.

Without investment in STEM, businesses face a growing skills shortage as they struggle to recruit qualified workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields.

Already one in five STEM businesses admit finding it difficult to recruit Engineering talent. STEMAccord is calling for businesses to join its efforts to inspire young people in local schools and colleges and help grow the future workforce.

What We Do

STEMAccord is founded on the concept of partnership and cooperation.

We believe that a coordinated approach is critical to inspiring future engineers and address the £1.5bn skills shortage in the UK STEM sector.

We work closely with Engineering UK’s national programme and exist to coordinate the work of our partners to deliver tailored STEM intervention in primary and secondary schools taking part in our regional pilot programme.

How Can I Get Involved?

STEMAccord is funded through its partners and corporate sponsors.

By supporting STEMAccord you are supporting the work of all our partner organisations.

Critical to the scheme is the belief that by offering the scheme free to schools we can connect with schools in disadvantaged areas that have not previously engaged with STEM outreach programmes.

Without the generous support of our partners and corporate sponsors, we would not be able to to do this.

Without the in-kind support provided by businesses of all sizes across the UK we would not be to offer participating schools access to fantastic Engineering role-models or visits to STEM businesses.

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